Paintball is by far my favorite sport to play. The feel of "war-time" just gets the adrenaline pumpin. Not knowing where your enemy could pop out of, searching an area wondering "is it safe?" or "if I turn this corner am I going to get shot?", great fun in my opinion.

I've been playing for a few years now. I've played in pretty much any kind of condition you can imagine. Snowfall to extreme heat, I've done it. Hottest day I've ever played was at 104 degrees. Try that once, running around in pants and long sleeve shirt while wearing a mask, its fun. Then again trying to not slip on ice and fall on your ass is just as fun. Rain too is quite interesting, giving some of the places we play in that "Vietnam" feeling. I've also played with numerous amounts of people. Anywhere from a 1vs1 to 10vs10 (which is big for our small area we live in). Also played for a mere two hours up to eight hours straight. Unfortunately our busy schedules keeps us from playing often. Trying to find 20 people who are all free for approximately five hours isn't easy. But we are always looking for more players so if you think you'd have fun, maybe you should get ahold of us.

There seems to be two big reasons why people decide against paintballing. One of them is a reason they can't do much about, the other is somewhat of a myth. Paintball is an expensive sport no doubt about it, especially if you play often. With a gun costing anywhere from $100-$1000, along with a 2000 case of paintballs costing $40, and all the fun accessories, its not easy to afford. But if your able to get passed the price of the gun, co2 tank, and possibly a decent barrel, then you should be alright. The other reason people avoid the game is because they fear it "hurts". In most cases this is not the truth. Hell I've had times where I was hit and didn't even realize it, the enemy had to tell me. However, if a close range shoot out begins, some pain could be inflicted. And when I say close range I mean around 20 ft. or closer. Those shots leave welts, but only hurt for a few seconds (unless they happen to connect jjjuuuustttt right). Either way its an awesome game and everybody should get into it ^-^