About Me

Well here it is, the infamous page all about me. I suppose there isn't much to say, but if I try hard enough maybe I'll think of something. Either way, here it goes. The name is Adam Wallin. I'm 17 years old and currently a resident of the enormous town of Oglesby. I attend school at LP where I am currently a Junior. I also work at the oh-so-wonderful monopoly of Wal-Mart.

Unlike most people think, I actually do have hobbies to keep myself busy day after day. I suppose I'm wrong though. Hell, I didn't know it had to consist of physical exhaustion to be considered a hobby/activity. Anywho, this web page would be a grand example of one of my hobbies. Where as most people find it difficult, confusing, time-consuming or boring, I find it as a challenge, something to test myself to see if I can actually meet up to my expectations of my web designing "skill". Small updates rarely happen, because huge updates are usually taking place behind the scene. I'm constantly searching for ways to improve the site. Sometimes I do get lazy though and put some things off for awhile ;)

Another hobby of mine would be Dark Horizon. I know many of you don't know what that is, but there are some of you out there who do. Its just a small story I'm writing, two actually. One is written in more of a comical form, whereas the other is being written into an actual first person story.

One of my more energetic activities would be paintball. We have our small group who usually always play together. We also have a couple of our own playing fields, quite unique compared to what most paintball players have seen. More detail about it here.

And of course, I can't exclude the most common activity of all teens, hanging out with friends. They are quite the interesting group of people, but there is nobody else I'd rather hang out with then them.

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